Girraween Ecology and Environment

Low energy, environmentally friendly

The Girraween Environmental Lodge and lodge chalets were built 20 years ago before the term “environmental” had any other meaning aside from being in the environment. The vision was to create a low energy, environmentally friendly wilderness resort that had a minimal impact on the natural environment ,from both a construction and maintenance perspective and was to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Wilderness resort 

The wilderness resort was thoughtfully designed by renowned Brisbane architect Graeme Richardson with a large input from Jonathan Marr (one of the founders), it was to be a low energy consuming, self sufficient and low maintenance village and was ,when built, as environmentally friendly as anything that is purpose built today and we are presently very close to being fully “off grid”.

Re-use, recycle

The greater part of the lodges are built from plantation harvested timber or re-cycled timber and other building materials wherever that was possible to achieve under the building codes. The wall framing and trusses are cypress plantation pine, timber beams and posts are recycled hardwood from various building in Brisbane, majority of the linings are either plantation hardwood ply or recycled hardwood lining boards, even the kitchen and vanity are made from recycled hardwood.

Conservation land property

Being surrounded by Girraween National Park, a decision was made to keep the property in line with many of the National Park conservation directives , so our walking trails are very natural and non-intrusive on the native bush , there are no cats or dogs allowed and all guests are expected to be respectful of their natural environment.

This is a registered land for wildlife  and a conservation land property.